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Minimum System Requirements
Intel Pentium (or equivalent)
5 MB free space on disk


"Easily the most amazing software. So easy to use, even my 10 year daughter can clean up registry problems."
- A PCMantra User


Registry Cleaner - RegFix Mantra


Download freeware registry cleaner for free

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Freeware registry cleaner is available for download from internet without any cost. Download any and start using for great computing experience.  
  Registry Cleaner - RegFix Mantra
Registry Cleaner - RegFix Mantra
Get rid of System Errors and unstable Windows
  Scans 13 sections, including Deep Registry Scan
  Safest cleaning algorithm, with backup and restore
  No more BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)
  Over 5 Million downloads in over 90 countries
  Windows XP, Vista supported (32-Bit)

Are you sceptical about the freeware that are available over the internet? Be absolutely sure of the fact that a freeware registry cleaner can only do you good without causing any harm to your computer. Registry cleaner is an effective tool for the Windows PC users as it can better the performance of your computer and save you from threats of malicious programs.

Registry is used by the Windows operating system to store hardware and software configurations and system setting information. Microsoft adopted this technique of storing the system configuration through a registry from the Windows 95 version. Earlier these details were stored through the INI files were stored throughout the hard disc in a scattered way, making the system inefficient and slow. Windows registry generates an entry for every change that you make to your hardware or software configuration. That means whenever you install or uninstall a program or hardware device or make any changes to the system settings an entry is added to the Windows registry. All these entries are not required by the system to run smoothly. Moreover, outdated entries make the registry cluttered that result in slower performance of the system. A freeware registry cleaner can remove these outdated entries and give you hassle-free and better computing experience that you can never expect with pc filled with spyware.

You can download a freeware registry cleaner from internet as it is widely available. But before you do that you need to be sure about the compatibility of the freeware with your system. As different versions of Windows operating system have different methods of keeping the registry, it is important that you download the exact software. Moreover, certain registry clean freeware need specific RAM and hard disc space. So you need to be very sure about your system resources before you choose to download the registry cleaning freeware.

Once you have downloaded the right freeware registry cleaner that is perfectly compatible with your system, install and run the software. The registry cleaning tools scans the registry and deletes the outdated entries leaving the valid entries intact. It also removes empty spaces and fragments within the registry, deletes traces of incomplete uninstall processes and even cleans the embedded keys used by malware. With the latest registry cleaning tools you can also back up the registry. It lets you to restore the registry file if you encounter any problem after you clean up the registry.

Registry Cleaner - RegFix Mantra
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Registry Cleaner - RegFix Mantra