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Minimum System Requirements
Intel Pentium (or equivalent)
5 MB free space on disk


"Easily the most amazing software. So easy to use, even my 10 year daughter can clean up registry problems."
- A PCMantra User


Registry Cleaner - RegFix Mantra


It is possible to get a free registry fix without any pain

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Registry errors are a common problem to any Windows based PC and hence free registry fix software should be always used to get a problem free and organized registry that will ensure faster and uninterrupted computer performance.  
  Registry Cleaner - RegFix Mantra
Registry Cleaner - RegFix Mantra
Get rid of System Errors and unstable Windows
  Scans 13 sections, including Deep Registry Scan
  Safest cleaning algorithm, with backup and restore
  No more BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)
  Over 5 Million downloads in over 90 countries
  Windows XP, Vista supported (32-Bit)

Fix corrupt registry to get problem free computer performance

Registry is a vital part of the Windows based PC, when the registry gets corrupted it becomes difficult for the operating system to locate the valid and important registry keys and the result is increased response time. Moreover, with an oversized registry that is full of wrong entries there will be frequent failures of the system. The applications will take unusually longer time to start and the system will hang up often. Besides with a corrupt registry that is having embedded registry keys that are created by the malware programs your system is at security threat from unwanted activities.

The only practical and viable solution to get rid of all these problems is to fix corrupt registry as soon as you find that the registry has got errors. But if you want to keep the registry free from errors altogether, you need to repair the registry on a regular basis. That is because the registry will further acquire errors as you will use the computer and make modifications to the system settings. Therefore, it is better to have a free registry fix tool installed to your system that you can use to scan the system and repair the registry errors. The software will remove the invalid and outdated entries, fragmented registry keys, entries made by the malware programs and empty spaces and signs of incomplete uninstall processes.

How to get the best registry fix software?

The easiest way to get the best registry fix software is to search the internet. There are hundreds and thousands of websites that are offering free registry fix program downloads. All you need to do is select an authentic source to download the registry cleaner tool and get it installed to your computer. Before you download the software make sure you are downloading the version of the program that is compatible with the Windows you are using. There are certain websites that provide the trial version of the software that comes with limited functionalities and remain active for a specific period of time. Therefore, while selecting the software make sure you download the free complete registry fix software that will give complete registry cleaning utilities.

Registry Cleaner - RegFix Mantra
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Registry Cleaner - RegFix Mantra